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Create a natal chart, report, personal horoscope (transit report), compatibility analysis, and more quickly and easily. Please note that currently only membership/database accounts are available, below.

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Creating an account is entirely for the purpose of saving your personal charts and later returning to them. You won't receive emails about anything other than your account. In other words, there are no catches!

What's the difference between guest and account charting? Extended charting options and the abiity to save and store charts. The added options are not there to encourage you to sign up for an account as there is no benefit to us if you do so. The idea is to make the most popular options very accessible -- these being the natal chart, transit or future forecast (personalized horoscope), and compatibility (synastry) report. The assumption is that if you want more (such as composite charts, progressions, event charts, and so forth), you won't mind taking a few more steps to do so by creating a free account.

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