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NOTICE:   West longitudes are MINUS time zones.  East longitudes are PLUS time zones.

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Many people enter the incorrect time zone selection. Time zones are affected by Daylight Savings Time and historical variations. Please make sure your selection is correct. Get your time zone and city coordinates from the tool below.

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Help with Time Zones - Time Converter

If you need help finding your coordinates (time zone and latitude/longitude), please use the following optional lookup form. With the form below, you can determine the correct time zone and coordinates for your birth date and location.

Take special note if there is a value other than 0 in the Daylight Savings Time (DST) offset field. If DST was in effect at the time of your birth, the DST version of the time zone is directly under the Standard Time version in the time zone drop-down list in the form above. For example, you may have been born during Eastern time, but if DST was in effect, then your time zone is EDT instead of EST.

You can alternately use the birth date and time displayed in the GMT field below and select your time zone as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Need help? Send birth details and the URL of this page to

The following options allow you to create your natal chart with a chart wheel and interpretations, as well as transits (future trends), progressions, and solar arc directions to your natal chart.

Natal Chart, Transits, and Progressions

  • Your natal chart Report with Blue Wheel

  • Your natal chart report with Yellow wheel (You are here!)

  • Sabian Symbols in your natal chart

  • Current Transits to your natal chart

  • Transits to your natal chart for another date

  • Progressions to your natal chart

  • Transits and progressions to your natal chart

  • Your transits and solar arcs for any date

  • Other:

  • Current Transit Chart - The Astrology of Right Now (GMT)

  • Moon aspects including void-of-course Moon (GMT)

  • Planetary Hours for your Location

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